Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Today morning mar..... hmm forgt bring eng book, lucky can brw dao... the eng teacher very ^@%@$@$%. i juz smile smile thn she ask me answer question.. zzz later is pa period.. Tag of WAR arh..... before start .. we go chg cloth .. i walk up the stair.. almost wan fall down le.. after chg .. i walk walk thn also wan po kai liao- -... nvm lor.. later tht tag of war ma.. boy vs gal...1st time i go help gal lar -- win en.. but 2nd time.. the teacher help the boy thn very #$%@$%@ when pulling , i feel my back there like no pull le.. thn the boy pull the rope.. i terus folo the rope and fall down... gosh.. pain lo me 打滚跌 = =... nvm lor.. later vs j3yong... whn gal vs gal.. teacher say boy cant help.. but whn pull we all boy rush into help gal.. wakakaka .. thn win.. 2nd time.. the zhang heng dao pull the rope... i hug him and help him pull .. who know... he suddenly left go the rope and make me fall down... make me eat GRASS = =sienz.. later tht... i fall down frm b ma.. later they pull and pull... they wan step on me le.. i terus run.. but my spectacle fall down.. teo step on my glass... gosh... my scep lucky no putus or reli dun know how to do... haiz.. today me very tired and pain... so unlucky lar today... so so.. can prevent de things nid to prevent lor ... aiks

Sunday, January 24, 2010


today the sun very hot, but ok de.. so long no see the sun haha... we met mandy at damai upperstar.... haha , whn saw dao she, she feel different liao lor...kaka but mind still remain..later we go eat sushi lor... i no hav eat lar.. althought i like sushi very much.. why leh cos... nth haha. i also dun know y lar. juz feel dun wan to eat nia. after eat , we go yoyo again... @@ dun know they wan toilet bo.. drink drink drink..haha.they tok dao me lai.. say i love who who who.. erm i dun know wat i feel at she lor.. juz wan to treat she good oni... other things no think so much le.. so dun say i love she again....rinko!! they take pic lor. i 被狗仔队偷拍啦 grr.. today i juz wan come out to walk walk.. too many thing i nid to throw away le.. but seem i cant throw it.. it still remain in my mind..i..i... aiya.. sry lor guys, no say thing today.. i reli cant find a topic to say.. dun blame arh... at metoer ply wif alvin.. keep lose nia.. but nvm.. i noob in tht.. haha.. rinko pandai ply jor o kaka... wilson,mandy and junior also know ply liao.. kaka..psps mandy and rinko.. no say bye to u...juz cant out the word frm my mouth...kaka.. 大人不记小人过哦 ..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Missing u

Today i was shocked, i dream about you. u have accpet me to be ur bf. i was very happy at that time.. At that time, my all scout ppl ask me belanja eat lor, i then promise. i bring u and them to Mc donald eat, u just eat a little of burger thn the rest let me eat... i feel very 'xin fu' at tht time. i accompany u at school until ur car arrived, we talk a lot and be happy together. i hope the time can stop at this moment and dun wake me up... but when i wake up, i know it was juz a dream, im very too miss u ma. while i know this is a dream, i started to be afraid le, when everytime i dream, it wont be the truth, is mean opposide, u will not accpect me de.. althought of tht, i still cant to stop thinking u... i hope can turn it to the truth. I reli wan to back to the dream world again, at least in there, my all wish can come true.......

Sunday, August 16, 2009


AWW.. my backbone wan break jor lor morning i wake up, help my mom do thinigs haiz.. after do finish .. my family out and i solo at home ><... after i cook for myself.. i start do homworks..hmm nth happen.. the phone ring and i go get it i found tht wan rain jor... i quickly get the cloths back to house.. after few sec the rain start ... phew lucky i.. or nt sure give scold dao kao kao... ><... after thm back.. wee my mom start scold liao wee...she no ask me put the cloths to room .. she scold dao i ...... haizzz... damn sienz... my bone wan crack liao><... hmm thinking somebody ><... hmm 2mr hope a nice day cos dun wan like saturday give 3 teacher !#%!#$!$#!#@%&& ><... HHMMM guitar... yesterday teacher no come ><... next week many nid go there by bus cos camp at sch ><... maybe no function at afternoon..go guitar lesson... hehe..hmm wondering i wear tht uniform look like wat... haiz... nvm later nid go out eat haiz.. @@ gosh my back pain la... i miss someone ><

Saturday, August 15, 2009

wat a day

today morning .. my frenz reli put my plane , he say he forgt damn la..haiz..thn i go buy chocolate and candy>< at sch not very gd.. give 3 teacher scold our all class.. say wat childlish thing, haiz. erm .. still thinking of her, today back home.. i very scare cos this gt guitar lesson.. wa the teacher go out for some function, another teacher teach me . wa he wan me learn around 10+ chords ><.. wan die lurr T_T..i will jyjy hehe..erm kian kok night wan start le..hmm dun know 20 or 21 .. my sis say 20 la cos the ticket give us jor.. hmm our class haven recieve it..stupid blogskin.. lazy upload lo..haiz.. make me blur oni.Er @@, keep thinking her..@@.>< hmm she sure busy this few month lo.. practise ,exam ,test, homework. i worry she will tired till sick T_T... god bless she pls.. all sick come to me nvm de..>.<

Friday, August 14, 2009


zzz damn bg..hmm today no sci test!! hehe...hmm today i forgt bring math book lucky the teacher dun know haha...ermi lucky i nt the navigators haha or nt nid stay at sch ..ya today early back home.. haiz mom keep scold ..zz reli dun wan back home early jor de chi period damn boring make me wan sleep jor so hot, i wan bring stand electical fan go sch de lo.2mr guitar lesson lu~.~ scare scare haha..hmm why i cant draw a anime ppl ,i draw dao so ulgy..haiz nid more practise practise.hmm 2mr go get money frm my frenz hope he dun put plane to me or he die man!! ><

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great day And madd day

erm today no eng test !! yeah haha..erm i keep drawing in school lo.. haiz my draw sux la .... today de sch damn boring..juz sleep cos yesterday cant sleep all nite >< haiz..the eng teacher so $#$%$#^%# keep scolding ..make me beh song lo...keep scolding..... haiz nvm.. at least her class end jor sienz ..@@ 2mr maybe nid stay at sch @@ no car back nid wait dao 5.30pm @@ i dun wan la...2mr sci de test sure fail .all junoir two de how read...sure die ><...erm jy lo..haiz..hw hw hw..nth write cos today every boring..